Client Results

Nancy lost 21 lbs and learned how to maintain at higher calories

Nancy, a local nurse, came to us fed up with low energy, feeling uncomfortable in her own skin, and wanting to look better for her summers on the lake


At 161 lbs and a 37 inch waist, she felt tired and wanted to get some of her extra weight off. We began introducing a structured strength training program and improving nutrition.


7 months later, she's down to 140 lbs with a 30.5 inch waist! We then worked into a reverse diet to find a maintenance level at 2100 calories, while maintaining her physique!

Nancy Bankston

Warrensburg, MO

Busy, full time career, dad, and husband loses 50 lbs in 9 months

Bryan, who works in the mortgage industry, has 3 little ones under the age 7 and wanted to be able to keep up with their energy. He was tired of being overweight, tired, and not feeling his best.


Trying to lose weight on his own and struggling, Bryan came to us ready to change. His goal was to lose 50 lbs and have more energy


Hit his goal of 50 lbs lost through increasing protein, balancing carbs, fats, calories, and consistent strength training. We increased his steps throughout his program and to get the last few pounds off, we added in small amounts of cardio.

Bryan Gottman

Phoenix, AZ

Getting fit in her 40's!

Stacey, top warehouse supervisor, felt tired, sluggish, and unhappy with her body when she came to us. In her 40's and retired from the military, she wanted to get her strength and fit physique back.


At 211 lbs, Stacey felt tired and wanted to love her body again. Working in a warehouse requires her to be very physical and she didn't have the energy for her daily duties.


Increased protein and calories so that she's fueled well plus incorporating strength training, she lost 40 lbs and feels so much better. She's very happy with her body and still has a hunger for more success.

Stacey Jelks

Grain Valley, MO

A broken knee and 45 lbs lost because she didn't give up!

Katie, top physical therapist, wanted to lose body fat and maintain muscle mass so she could look as toned as possible! She wanted to have energy to play with her daughter, complete bike races with her husband, and get in the best shape of her life.


Katie felt tired and wasn't happy with her body. She had struggled with neck and back issues, sending her to states away for treatments to alleviate the symptoms. She finally wanted to lose weight and be in great shape.


Lost 45 lbs while maintaining higher calories, minimal cardio, and even breaking a bone in her knee that requires surgery. Once surgery is over, the world better watch out because she's coming for all the goals!

Katie Schroeder

Palmyra, MO

Faith beat high blood sugar and pre-diabetes from nutrition and strength training

Faith used to walk by our training sessions and tell her husband that she'll never do something like that. Over 1 year later, she has lost 45 lbs and improved her health!


Over 200 lbs at age 26 and diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, Faith didn't know what to do to improve her health other than fad diets.


45 lbs lost and is no longer pre-diabetic or has high blood pressure. Her blood work came back flawless! She strength trains 3 times per week, controls her nutrition, and does absolutely zero cardio.

Faith Weigel

Blue Springs, MO

From starvation diets and cardio to eating more and lifting weights!

Alexa was tired of being overweight, low energy, and wanted to be in the best shape of her life for her upcoming wedding!


At over 200lbs, Alexa always resorted to restrictive, low calorie diets and cardio to lose weight. She was the definition of a yo-yo dieter. But, this wasn't working for her.


Alexa has lost over 30 lbs of fat, gained 3+ lbs of muscle, and is eating more than she's ever been able to, to lose weight. At nearly 2,000 calories a day, she is still dropping body fat! No cardio, all strength training!


Blue Springs, MO

Age 60, high A1c, and controlling her blood sugar through strength training and nutrition

Leshia is a business owner, mom, wife, and is making major strides with getting stronger and losing body fat


Leshia always felt like she couldn't stick with working out because she always got injured. She has high blood sugar, but didn't know how to eat to control it.


She has lost over 10 lbs of fat and is gaining muscle! Whenever she experiences any sort of ailment or injury, we've been able to work around it so that she doesn't feel like she has to quit. We've worked on her nutrition so that she can control her blood sugar without medication!


Blue Springs, MO

Our Methodology

Our personal training experience has been designed with busy professionals in mind. With a coaching and programming methodology that has been refined over the past decade with hundreds of clients.

Each client at Elevation Fitness has a personal trainer and nutrition coach who holds them accountable to their training, appointments, nutrition and goals.

  • Accountability and support through weekly check ins, daily exercise and nutrition logs, communication throughout the week

  • Our results are not based on quick, short term fixes, but on long term, sustainable and consistent lifestyle changes that compound for optimal health improvements

  • Sustainable nutrition so that you feel like it's doable in your life and will give you long term results

  • Community of like minded people who want to elevate in life, lose weight, build muscle, and motivate others

What Clients Say About Us

I am so thankful I found Elevation Fitness!! From the individual fitness plans, nutrition goals and positivity, you can’t find a better place to help you reach your fitness goals!! Suzie and Amanda keep me motivated and help work along with my doctor to gain weight and muscle in a healthy way! There is also education with food and proper lifting techniques to help you make life long changes! I love coming to the gym and seeing my fellow gym sisters meeting their goals also! It’s become one of my favorite places to go now!


Jonna G.

Blue Springs, MO


ane Doe

I had an incredible experience with Amanda Linn's Elevation Fitness! Amanda and Suzie
are knowledgeable and passionate fitness trainers, who go above and beyond to help clients reach their goals. Their personalized
workouts and nutrition guidance have made a
significant difference in my fitness journey.
Their positive and motivating attitude makes every session enjoyable, and always there to provide support and encouragement. I highly recommend Amanda Linn's Elevation Fitness
to anyone looking to transform their fitness
and wellness.


Sheri L.

Lee's Summit, MO

Jane Doe

Elevation Fitness has been the best investment I’ve made! Amanda personalizes each clients program. This is not a cookie cutter weight loss program like the many I’ve done in the past. She starts you where you are in your journey not the masses. I haven’t been starved or made to feel like I’ve failed at anytime. I have been going for 1 year and I’ve lost weight and of course thrilled, but the physical improvements are amazing! I am doing things I struggled with last year. I’m feeling strong and confident. I’m so excited to to keep working with Amanda and her team to further my fitness. Worth every penny!


Susan M.

Grain Valley, MO

Jane Doe

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